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Welcome to LoopLabs Australia We Are Smart Creative Agency

The new look LoopLabs formally known as Zinc Media Group has found a new vision in helping companies solve there digital solutions.

We are primarily focused on creating the best in mobile application development, website development and business solutions. Our team is located on the Gold Coast, and thrives knowing that Loop Labs is bringing quality content to the web from our offices in South East Queensland. We have aligned ourselves with, and immersed ourselves in the future of the digital upswing the world is currently undergoing. We want to make websites; Apps and businesses from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and associated South East Queensland region stand tall in the fast paced digital age.

Full Stack

From clever server tech to pretty interface, we have it covered

Cross Platform

Developed for iOS, Android and Web natively

Online Services

Need to access resources from anywhere, we build to be on the cloud.

Great Ideas

Our team thrive off bringing ideas to your project.

Our Services iOS and Android, Across All Platforms

LoopLabs designs and develops applications for both Apple and Android platforms. Our team develops these apps with care and precision to fully utilise the capabilities of each platform. This tailored approach to app development for each operating system ensures a highly responsive, stable and well performing application. We are experts at designing for both phones and tablets individually, which is important for the purposes of utilising each technologies unique capacities for user interface, power, stability, size and features. You will not be restricted with your creative ideas to simple app templates as our experienced team will be able to take on board your ideas, and communicate with you throughout the entire app development process.

website service

Apple iOS Development iPhone

The iPhone is a popular mobile device, and commands large attention for it’s active application store and dedicated user base. We strive to produce the highest quality iPhone applications to best compliment the sleek aesthetics that Apple’s iPhone aims to provide in the market. We pay close attention to the different iPhone device sizes to ensure a quality product on all iPhone screens and web browsers. Our graphic designers and app developers take full advantage of the visuals of the iPhone to make your app not only super responsive, but a visual spectacle.

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website service

Apple iOS Development iPad

The iPad allows you to do bigger and better things than it’s iPhone counterpart, or at least a lot of the userbase expect this. We align ourselves with this notion, aiming to bring a better product to iPad users, otherwise we’re wasting the potential that it offers. A bigger screen provides more room for extra features or space to work with for existing functions on the iPhone version. An iPad app built to be native to the device provides the opportunity for further downloads and a unique reason to actively use the app on each device for different experiences. With a fleet of apps developed across both smartphone and tablet devices, you have an opportunity to increase your potential market.

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website service

Google Android Development Phone and Tablet

Android is now the dominant operating system and is utilised by a far greater number of devices. Because of this fact, it is important that apps are developed professionally in order to be optimised for the best use across all devices. At LoopLabs, we are aware that Android is on devices of many shapes, sizes and languages, which commands our attention to ensure no market is neglected. In turn this produces more potential users to be active with your application without the frustrations of an Android app that is not built to be inclusive of their device.

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Our Services Websites and eCommerce with Responsive Design

LoopLabs builds fast and stable websites to suit the various requirements that a website may need. From professional business pages, online stores or a website to increase your public profile. LoopLabs professional staff can also guide you regarding design choices such as layout options, search engine optimisation strategies for website content or helping you ensure your website is mobile friendly. We are committed to these practices because we want our clients business ventures and passion projects to be assisted by a well designed website, and for them to succeed. In a competitive market a well designed website could be the difference between your success and failure as an element of your consumer information search process, shopping convenience for establishing reputable brand equity.

website service

Websites Responsive for all Devices

LoopLabs develop professional sites to promote your company as a brand or to get the information across to your clients about what you do. We thrive off custom design and style to fit in with your companies branding and how you would like to present yourself to the world. Our experienced design team give you options to pick from while our developers give you the option to control your content yourself or have them make updates for you as and when you need them.

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The eCommerce websites we produce maintain a focus on ease of use, stability and accuracy of product orders at checkout to ensure customers have a quality online experience. Often this is great for businesses to produce loyal users and make it a viable stream of revenue. We are able to monitor website viewing activity, clicking through trends and conversion rates on purchases as it is also paramount that your websites traffic is measureable to monitor performance goals. Many consumers will base their repeat purchasing activities on the online experience that your website will provide. It is for this reason that website development can not be takenly light due to its potential to create loyal customers and increase profitability.

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eCommerce Build Your Online Store

Online shopping and retail is growing more everyday and it’s time for your business to have a website for your current and potential customer base to access.Your website can be built personally around your business plan and objectives including:

  • Intuitive checkout systems
  • Web layouts for cross-selling/upselling
  • Catalogue management systems
  • Promotional integrations
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Gift card entry

Do you have an idea that would change the world Let us be a part of it and make it happen

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The Scientists We have some Einsteins of the media world

Our team of exceptional talent keep pushing the boundaries of the latest and greatest tech available. Whether it be the latest font or the newest authentication algorithm these guys are on top of it all.

Aiden QuigOwner and MD
Ryan MitchellLead App Developer
Ben FiskProgrammer
James KuoAccounts
Aleksandra KuzmanovicSocial Media Expert

Business Solutions Streamline productivity, reduce paper and save time.

Applications and websites can be built for internal business use as logical system to provide ease of use for business processes. Zinc Media has created apps usable on both phones and tablets to measure business performance, keep track of financials, and monitor production processes. Our applications are built from the ground up for your specific enterprise purposes, functional requirements and design preferences.

MasterKey Real Estate Sales Assistant

  • Tracking and reporting
  • Revenue goals and income architecture
  • Estimation figures and business checks
  • Sold analysis statistics

Talbrace Payroll Management System

  • Wages and expenses management
  • Claim management system
  • Employee report generation
  • Various calculations
  • Timesheets

Testimonials What Our Clients Say About Us

Zetel End to End Logistics

Managing ALL User accounts and security settings.

Order managment for Clients. Next delivery day feature. Standing order defined. Order reporting and invoice storage.

Set up delivery drivers or tanker drivers. Drivers will have a logbook of each vehicle they drive containing all information pertaining to that truck

Track what items have been paid for and export all invoicing to MYOB, RECKON, XERO. Realtime account updating.

Allows you to send messages to all clients, individual clients, or clients for a particular distributor or a certain delivery run.

Driver managment of Raw material picked up and delivered. Future planning tools for analysis.

Add and edit all pricing, weights and sizing of each product you deliver as well as adding images for ease of use.

Clients will receive messages via push notification from the company about new products, late deliveries or stock shortages, or any other messages the company would like to send.

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